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DSolve: The Function Y appears with no arguments

Posted 10 years ago

Hi Guys

I'm really struggling to work out with this does not work...

DSolve[{y´[t] == (1/t)*((y^2)[t] + y[t]), y[1] = -2}, y[t], t]

I get the error message...

DSolve::dvnoarg: The function y appears with no arguments. 

I would be hugely grateful if someone were able to help me.

Many thanks


POSTED BY: Michael Simpson
3 Replies

I should have said the [t] goes with all the instances of y. Should be y[t]^2

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
Posted 10 years ago

Ok, I write DSolve[{y´[t] == (y^2 + y[t])/t, y[1] == -2}, y[t], t] in Mathematica and the result its the same, DSolve::dvnoarg: The function y appears with no arguments, what its the problem?

POSTED BY: Michael Simpson

The [t] needs to go with y, not with y^2. Also the initial condition is done with ==

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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