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rsolve problems other than in documentation not getting executed.

Posted 9 years ago
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can anyone help?

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Your example:

In[1]:= RSolve[{(2 n + 1) a[n] == a'[n + 1] - a'[n - 1]}, a[n], n]

RSolve::deqx: Supplied equations are not difference equations of the given functions.

a' is usually used for the derivative of a continuous function a.

Dropping the derivative mark gives,

In[1]:= RSolve[{(2 n + 1) a[n] == a[n + 1] - a[n - 1]}, a[n], n]

{{a[n] -> BesselI[1/2 + n, -1]*C[1] + BesselK[1/2 + n, 1]*C[2]}} 

where C[1] and C[2] depend on the initial conditions.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Thank you sir.

Posted 9 years ago

Attach an example notebook showing ones that do and ones that do not?

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson

sir,here is an attached notebook


sir, please find the attached notebook

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