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Tangent and asymphtotes to a curve

Posted 10 years ago

I have two problems i put the separata questions

I try my best to translate from Swedish to english (attributes? , cant find the word, swedish ; egenskaper)

Problem 1.

Analyze the function x^4 / (1+x)^2 with focus at extremepoints, asymptohtets (spelling?) and konvex

To derive by hand and set the derivate to zero to find extremepointts is that right way to go, its easy with matematica by harder at an exam without mathematica but right now i want to do it by mathematica.

Plot : easy (by mathematica, not easy without mathematica) Extreampoints : Derive and set derivitivet to zero : easy

Can you plot and the the line equation the expressien y=ax+b in mathematica?

Question 2

Fint the the points (1+x^2)`-1 where the tangenst linke to the curve goes throw the point (0,1) Is that the same as find the tangent y=ax+b that tangent the curve at the point (0,1) ? Think the question is a little bit weard? Anyway, can you use matchtmatica to solve this?

POSTED BY: peter B

Could you show us Mathematica code for your attempts?

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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