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Wolfram Desktop hangs at startup

Posted 10 years ago

Maybe this isn't the right forum but unfortunately there is little help from the otherwise excellent support with this.

For the last couple of days, it has not been possible to use the Wolfram Desktop on Windows 8. It hangs after a few minutes. I have tried this on various networks and on two different computers with the same result.

Any ideas on causes, workarounds?

POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl
4 Replies

The Wolfram Cloud developers recently identified an issue that caused issues with signing into the Wolfram Desktop. This problem was resolved yesterday, so you should now be able to sign into the product. Please let us know immediately by contacting Technical Support if you are still unable to do so.

This problem only occurred with the Wolfram Desktop, and not other products like Mathematica or the browser based version of the Cloud. Steps have been taken to make sure that this does not happen to the live version of the Wolfram Desktop in the future.

POSTED BY: Karl Isensee

Yes, the issue is resolved. Great with the fast response!

POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl

I would fix try resetting the preferences to the their installation defaults by following this article:

If that doesn't work, I would try downloading a new installer and then try reinstalling.

Of course if that doesn't work, you may want to contact Wolfram Technical Support (

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Ok, thanks will try that. I also received input from support that there was an issue on the server side with user rights that seems to be fixed now.

POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl
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