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basic questions on Cloud Notebook operation

Posted 10 years ago

i find these operations really useful w the std. version used at work, but don't know how to do them or if they just aren't available in Online version:

  1. delete all output cells in a Notebook (nb)
  2. stop a computation (if it is taking too long)
  3. kill the kernel, say for a runaway computation like an excessive recursion
  4. copy an example from the documentation into your nb. There don't seem to be any In cell brackets in the documentation. On std versions, you an simply highlight the In cell bracket and do a copy/paste.
  5. FrameLabel (a Plot fcn option) doesn't align the labels on the LHS & RHS frames. The documentation example has the frame labels properly aligned, but the exact same Plot cmd w FrameLabel option doesn't work in the nb, i.e. labels aren't correct.

i've sent above to the Feedback, Cloud Dev. Team, but i thought i'd throw them out to the community.


POSTED BY: Carl Youngblut
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