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Is it possible to have points extend down to a plane in a 3D scatter plot?

Posted 10 years ago

To better clarify as a visual aid for teaching statistics I need to display a 3D plane of best fit for a scatter plot and have each plot point have a little line travel down or up to the graph to reach that plane.

I need to be able to rotate and rais and lower that plane and have the little dangly lines keep accordingly, is mathematica capable of this?

Also would it be possible to click on a plot point and have it automatically initialise the 2d scatter plot beneath?

I actually have limited to poor understanding of both mathematica and statistics but im still confident I can produce this within the week,Is this an hours work or many? its hard to tell I have a good understanding of other programing languages but while this is different it seems fairly simple.

I would also like to hide some lines of code for appearances, this would be the lines that initialise the table data, maybe even just have the RSS dynamically change as the graph is manipulated with sliders and no working out visible, is this also possible with mathematica and does it simply require searching the libraries and google or will I need to spend several hours a day on this

POSTED BY: jethro holcroft

Take a look at the Filling option to ListPointPlot3D.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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