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How can another user have interactive access to my cloud deployed notebook?

Posted 10 years ago



I have coded a (simple) notebook with interactive elements like Manipulate[Plot[...]], etc. .

Then I exported it via

obj = CloudExport[nbexpr, "NB", "My notebook", Permissions -> "rx"]

to the cloud. With the resulting URL hyperlink the corresponding website opens and I can use the interactive elements. From another computer and as another user I can open the website but no interactivity is allowed. What is to be done in order that third-party users can exploit the functionality of my notebook. ( Permissions -> "Public" does not help either)

POSTED BY: Holger Perlt
3 Replies

Ah, I see. Instead of nbexpr= Notebook[...], I was doing nbexp = Notebooks[][[3]], which was the existing notebook I wanted to deploy. That works as you expect.

I'm not an expert in front end functions, so I'll ask about why the method you used doesn't work.

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
Posted 10 years ago

Hi Chad,

thanks. But it seems that the user (defined by the email address "") should have an account at Wolfram Research. At least - the corresponding login windows pops up if the URL is activated at the other computer.

With Permissions -> {All -> {"Read", "Interact", "Evaluate"}}

I can open the notebook on the other computer without login but without interactive possibilities either.

Is it possible that a user without any connection to WR can open and use interactively a cloud notebook?

POSTED BY: Holger Perlt

In the Permissions page, you can find a list of additional permissions for deployed notebooks, including "Interact". Here's one example of settings that should work for this case:

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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