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Programmatically viewing/deleting cloud objects/files

Posted 10 years ago

I find it difficult to keep track of cloud objects/files/deployments etc using the current web interface. Is there a way of programmatically viewing and/or deleting these from a notebook?

(DeleteFile, CloudDirectory and CloudObjects all seem relevant but what I have in mind is an overarching function that gives a quick overview of everything that I've put up there followed by any desired moving/deletions - or is it a case of once deployed - forever floating?)

POSTED BY: Ronald Monson

All unnamed cloud objects can be deleted from a notebook (I assume that you want to do this from your desktop) easily:


I do this periodically, and this reminds me that I should save "important" cloud objects as named objects. For example:


where "myFactorIntegerAPI" is the name of the file in the cloud.

For named objects, I don't know of a simple way to manage files from desktop notebooks. So I go to the cloud and open a notebook. Functions like SetDirectory["whatever directory"] and DeleteDirectory[Directory[],DeleteContents->True] work in the cloud.

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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