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TreePlot. How to make it wider to avoid truncation of the vertex labels?

Posted 9 years ago

My first use of Mathematica is to draw a tree-graph. With few nodes it works. With many the labels are truncated. An example follows.

Can I widen the graph? Can I rotate it?

Here is the TreePlot:

TreePlot[list, VertexLabeling -> True (* , ImageSize -> 5 *) ]

Please forgive the bad reproduction of the lines. They are nicely formatted in a text editor running from the Windows command prompt --- apparently the system here do not recognize the end-of-line code.

To get a wider graph:

TreePlot[list, VertexLabeling -> True, AspectRatio -> 0.1, ImageSize -> {Automatic, 100}]

To get a rotated graph:

TreePlot[list, Left, VertexLabeling -> True]

The documentation for TreePlot may provide more useful options.

POSTED BY: Gerli Jõgeva
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