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solve an equation with multiple variables

Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I am beginner with Mathematica. I have a problem with how to solve an equation with some condition:


z = ((xd - xt) + alfa2*yd - beta2*(zd - zt) - xc - alfa1*yc + beta1*zc + x2 - x1)^2

This is a long equation and you have some condition up. My equation is more longer than this one but I simple it to see if that is possible to solve this in Mathematica. Your suggest will help me :-). equation (z) contents only variables in the end.

POSTED BY: Bashar Fatahalla
3 Replies

Thank you for the link about solve function. I read this link before but my equation doesn't contents only one variable. You are multiply many variables together with these conditions in the beginning to simple the equation in the end,

POSTED BY: Bashar Fatahalla

Thank your for your answer, I didn't know that the multiply symbol disappear from the equation. The picture will show that clearlly, The idea that you have equation with some condition on it. You will solve and get only variables not depend in one variable. this is a picture of  my equation above

POSTED BY: Bashar Fatahalla
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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