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Newb Q: Proper use of notebooks, hiding inputs

Hi, I'm brand new to Mathematica. I've viewed the introductory video series, and now I'm using my first notebook to keep notes.

The first substantive item in the notebook is a formatted table. To create it, I needed seven statements: one to initialize the data, two to add marginal totals, two to create and add row and column headings, one to add rules in the appropriate places, and one to display the formatted table. Since these are notes on a book, all of these are within one subsection within a section within a chapter.

Now I want the formatted table to be the first and only visible object in the notebook. By clicking on the right brackets, I managed to hide the displayed output but not the input statements. The section heading and visible table are the only things that should be visible, but the other statements are within the same higher-level brackets. So I can't display the heading and table without displaying the intermediate statements used to create the table.

What's the best way to hide the intermediate statements and, more generally, organize notebooks this way?

POSTED BY: Marshall Feldman

When you select and click those right brackets, try instead selecting the output bracket. That should have the effect of hiding the corresponding input.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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