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Sort equation: unknown values left, known values right

Posted 10 years ago


after some steps in Mathematica, my script currently generates an output equation with different variables u, v, w, and so on that each depend on the parameters (n, k, j), e.g. u[n,k,j]. When calculating at point (n,k,j), all values from before are known, meaning I can access u[n-1,k,j] and u[n,k-1,j] etc...

I would like Mathematica to sort my equation by putting known values to one side and unknown ones to the other side of the equal sign. I didn't find any appropriate command to do that. Can somebody help me with an approach?


POSTED BY: Lennart M
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

I don't think that is what I need, as my values for n, k, j are always unknown (and thus not set) anyway. I was searching for a way to somehow tell Mathematica it should regard u[n,k,j] as known and u[n,k,j-1] etc. as unknown and then give me an equation with only known variables on the right hand side so I could finally set up an system of equations in matrix form.

POSTED BY: Lennart M

You can Clear[n,k,j] before doing operation on u, v, w.

POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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