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Find all Complex numbers z satisfying "Z^3 = -8i" (Also: wolfram bug?)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Wolfram so please bare with me...I just got PRO and I am taking Linear Algebra in College right now. I am confused over my notes and I could not get Wolfram to show COMPLETE solutions for this (It gave me non-complex solutions!!?? Why?? Is this intended?)

Anyways, if Wolfram can't show solutions to complex numbers - could someone please walk me through on how to do these type of questions? Screen shot also provided.

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Kent Wong
3 Replies

Ah, I see your question now. The answers given when you tell it to show the steps are still in terms of complex numbers, they are just not expanded out. The description of the solution states that the answer is in terms of third roots of unity. And the results are shown in radical form, but are still complex numbers. The next step after what is shown would be to express does radical forms as the sum of a real and imaginary part yielding the final answer.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

I am puzzled. What is incorrect about the solutions that are provided? All three of them solve the equation that you presented.

POSTED BY: David Reiss

Ah my mistake - not enough clarity in my first post.

It has the correct solutions, but when I click "Show Complete solution with steps" it constantly tries to give me the steps to solve it for non-complex numbers.

POSTED BY: Kent Wong
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