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How to find all values given variable properties? AKA formula guessing

Posted 10 years ago

Hello, I want to find out the formula of a certain system(game), and I'm trying to make WolframAlpha output me all the possible solutions given some properties, for example :

x*(z+1) = 2170

0<z<1 \\ property 1

1800<x<2170 \\ property 2


x*(z+0.22+1) = 2543 \\ possible property 3

POSTED BY: Gabriel Canto

Property 3 forces that the solution be, approximately, x=1695 and z=0.28.

If instead you have properties 1 and 2, you can deduce a bit more as follows.

1800<x<2170 implies z+1=2170/Interval[{1800, 2170}] which is Interval[{1, 217/180}]. So 0<z<37/180.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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