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I think I have found a bug in Mathematica handling MIDI files. Am I right?

Posted 10 years ago

We're talking about this pretty complex MIDI file, as seen on YouTube being played by Synthesia.

I've downloaded the file and told Mathematica to import it via Import["C:\Users\zoga9_000\Downloads\Death Waltz.mid"] . Here is what I got: enter image description here

(sorry for the size of the image, but due to the complexity of the MIDI I really couldn't make it smaller)

This seems wrong. Notice the chord of three low-pitched notes at in the ending, right after the final bash? Well, they shouldn't be there. Instead, they should be at the very end. They even sound bad at this position, if Mathematica is told to play this!

To be more specific:

enter image description here

I'm almost positive it's Mathematica's bad. See the linked YouTube video - Synthesia is shown there, playing these notes later then Mathematica does. Also, my Windows Media Player playes these three notes at the very end of the song.

Almost positive. Because I fear that to be 100% sure, I would have to read the MIDI standard and manually inspect the file in question...

So, here's my question: Is this all enough to send a bug report to Wofram Research, or is this rather my bad? Thanks in advance!

POSTED BY: Marcin Ga??zka
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