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The logic of PrintingOptions

Posted 10 years ago

Good evening,

I know that PrintingOptions is not fully integrated, but I can't find any basic logic in the way some elements can be used.

To make it short, I want to export a big grid as a one-page PDF file. I also create a palette containing the only grid I want to export and set the following options to the palette:

PrintingOptions -> {"PaperSize"->{595, 841}, "PageSize"->{566, 793}, "PaperOrientation"->"Portrait", "FacingPages" -> False, "FirstPageFooter" -> False, "FirstPageHeader" -> False, "PaperOrientation" -> "Portrait", "RestPagesFooter" -> False, "RestPagesHeader" -> False, "PrintingMargins" -> {{1, 1}, {3, 3}}, "PrintRegistrationMarks" -> False, "PrintMultipleHorizontalPages" -> False, "PageFooterMargins" -> {0, 0}, "PageHeaderMargins" -> {0, 0}}

This should give one A4-format page. But in the end, depending on the computer I use it on, I end up having different output sizes: on one computer, I get the perfect page size ; on another one, I get hardly a quarter of a page ; I suppose that I could also get something bigger than a page on some other computer ...

Did I forget an option ? Did I simply miss something ? I'd appreciate any clue, since I've been working on that for quite some time and can't get over it ... Thank you very much


POSTED BY: Xavier Roudaut
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