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How can I create a circular drum simulation using Mathematica?

I want to visualize how a circular drum vibrates when it is subjected under a specific frequency. I have done it in case of a square drum but I do not know how to do it in case of a circular drum because it involves polar coordinates. Square Drum simulation is below.

f[x_, y_, n_, m_, t_] := Cos[n*Pi*x/30]*Cos[m*Pi*y/40]*Cos[Sqrt[(n*Pi/30)^2 + (m*Pi/40)^2]*.5*t]
Animate[Plot3D[f[x, y, n, m, t], {x, 0, 30}, {y, 0, 40}], {t, 0,10}, {n, 1, 5}, {m, 1, 5}, AnimationRunning -> False]

Can anyone help me coding the circular drum vibration for different normal modes ?

POSTED BY: suvadip mandal

Check the examples at the Wolfram demonstrations project:

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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