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Change FontFamily in plots

Posted 10 years ago


I have just upgraded to Mathematica 10 and I have some troubles in getting the style for plots that I had with the version 9. I am trying to set FrameLabel as they looked before by setting a global option, see below

SetOptions[Style, FontFamily -> "Times"];

 Flatten[Table[{x, y, x^2 + y^2}, {x, 0, 2, 0.1}, {y, 0, 2, 0.1}], 1],
  ContourShading -> None, 
 ContourStyle -> Directive[Black, Thickness[0.015]], 
 FrameLabel -> {Style["AAA \[Theta] \[Alpha]", 18], 
   Style["AAA \[Theta] \[Alpha]", 18, FontFamily -> "Times"]}]

but as you can see from the plot prova1.pdf in attach just the y axis, where I force again the FontFamily, present the AAA etter in a nice format, while in the x axis are not (or at least they are not as I want). In both case the greek letter are not nice. If I change Times with Mathematica the greek letter on the y axis looks nicer while the AAA no (in both axis), see prova2.pdf. If I try to do something like plotting a greek letter and a normal letter together, I get something even more weird, as you can see in prova3.pdf done with FontFamily->"Mathematica") By the way, I am not able to appreciate all this until I export the files, since in the mathematica notebook not all the options are reflected (and for example I don't see the M on top of the Delta in the case of prova3.pdf) This is something that I never faced in Mathematica 9 and I am struggling to find a solution. Am I doing something wrong?

Finally, not related to this, even if I have set ContourStyle to Black, the plots don't look black at all. Any idea?

Thanks a lot!


POSTED BY: Daniele Barducci
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