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Regression and predictive analysis

Posted 10 years ago

Hi there, I am new to mathematica. I am working on a project in which I need to do a regression and predictive analysis for a large set of data. I have successfully imported my data from excel into mathematica. The challenge I have is how to start my regression and prediction. My data contains fields that are dates and strings and I want to do my analysis based on those. How do I go about doing my analysis? I would appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks and hope to hear from you all soonest. Sincerly, Blessing

POSTED BY: Blessing Okeke
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Hi, please see attached sample file. Thanks alot

POSTED BY: Blessing Okeke
Posted 10 years ago

The exact format of the entries is important. I suggest you attach a sample file. A good start would be the excel file, or at least the first 10 columns as Mr Carter suggests. That way we could see exactly what has to be interpreted by Mathematica.

POSTED BY: David Keith

Hi Craig, Thanks for your response. The first 10 colums includes: sales date, status, status since, start opp., sales stage, prospect(ID), product, product type, expected closing date, sales volume. All the columns are dates except the product, product type, prospect, status, and sales volume. Thanks for your help.

POSTED BY: Blessing Okeke

Hello Blessing, Can you provide an example of your data structure? For example, the first ten items resulting from the import of you file?

POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
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