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Import an Excel file in Mathematica Cloud

Posted 10 years ago


I'm trying to do some stats in the Mathematica Cloud, and would like to be able to import Excel file data into a notebook. This was pretty easy when I had the computer software version of Mathematica, but I'm having trouble with the cloud. I've upload my .xlsx files to the cloud account, but can't seem to import the data into a notebook. Does anyone know how to do this?

POSTED BY: Sheri Herron
3 Replies

I'm not certain about this, but I suspect that lock files are used to ensure that the same file cannot be modified simultaneously in two different places (different browsers or by multiple users for shared files).

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson


Can you tell why the .lock files are present. It seems every file has also a .lock file. There are even files showing up with a ,sv and ,v at the end of their name.

I hope you will find it relatively easy in cloud also. I'll go through the steps I used.

First, upload the file to the cloud. Since you don't have Mathematica on your machine, let's do this with the cloud. Use the upload button in the right side pane to select the file to upload. I'll upload a file called 'WebServicesExample.xls': enter image description here

Note that there is a 2GB file size limit, which hopefully you have not exceeded. To make sure that you have uploaded the file, in a cloud notebook, you can evaluate FileNames. I'll go a bit further and select the filename so that it's easier for me to see the file in my list:

In[1]:= Select[FileNames[], StringMatchQ[#, "*.xls"] &]

Out[1]= {"WebServicesExample.xls", "WebServicesExample.xls.lock"}

Since I have found the file, I can now use Import the same way that I do in Mathematica:


Note that I have put the file in my base directory. I could upload it to a subdirectory instead, and I would need to specify the subdirectory when importing the file:

POSTED BY: Chad Knutson
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