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(automatically add) Closing Brackets, Braces, and Parentheses


One of the greatest difficulties I have with Mathematica is pairing braces, brackets, and parentheses. I am constantly forgetting one and it is quite difficult to correct this type of mistake. On the Mac, I've learned about Ctrl+. and Shift-Command B, which are helpful, but I still struggle.

When I am working in RStudio, typing in my R code for statistics, if I open a bracket, a closing bracket is automatically entered. If it was a mistake to hit the bracket key, deleting the left bracket deletes both opening and closing brackets automatically. The same thing happens when you enter an opening brace or an opening parentheses, closing braces and parentheses are automatically included.

A lot of folks on this website probably have a rich knowledge of the history of Mathematica, but I really wonder why Mathematica doesn't have a similar tool. Or perhaps it does and there is something I can turn on to make this happen when I am entering code?

If not, is there some reason why Mathematica has never favored this procedure?

POSTED BY: David Arnold
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