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(parametric) plot advice

Posted 10 years ago


It would be great to have some help here..

I wanted to make a plot


L (r_)= (Np Pn (-1 + *r*))

N(r_) = (Np Pn/ (1-*r*))

L(r) on the y axis and N(r) on the x axis...

Thanks in advance!

POSTED BY: ash ash
2 Replies

The first step would be to write your functions in the Wolfram Language's syntax. For example, I think your first function is:

L [r_] := (nP pN (-1 + r))

Is that correct? What are the values for nP and pN? You will need these to plot the function.

When you say that you want to plot the functions on x and y axis separately, do you meant that you want to do a parameteric plot?

So it would be something like

ParametricPlot[{N[t],L[r]}, {r,0,1}]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago

thanks! it helped! :)

POSTED BY: ash ash
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