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FinancialData indices not functioning

Posted 10 years ago

DateListLogPlot[FinancialData["^DJI", All]] returns DateListLogPlot[Missing["NotAvailable"]]

I tried with several other common indices but none of them are currently available. Is this a disabled feature?

POSTED BY: Bruce Butler
2 Replies

Is FinancialData using a different data source/API from the EntityValue call?

Most Likely.

Entities are kind of a programmatic way of using Wolfram|Alpha's knowledge base. So you might find it useful to see what kinds of sources Wolfram|Alpha uses for financial data. There's a sources button at the bottom of this page:

FinancialData on the other hand uses Yahoo Finance's API for much of its data. Including this case. Historical "^DJI" data was removed from Yahoo Finance's API for some reason. You should note that Historical ^DJI data is different from "latest trade". I don't think the yahoo API stoped serving the current price of ^DJI data.

Getting good reliable financial data is much harder than many people think. This is why people pay for a subscription to services like Bloomberg or Reuters for this data. If you have such a subscription, the Wolfram Finance Platform would be useful for working with that data

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke


though, what's odd about this is that

In[14]:= EntityValue[Entity["Financial", "^DJI"] ,  EntityProperty["Financial", "LatestTrade"]]

Out[14]= {{2014, 12, 15, 22, 0, 0.}, 17180.8}

Is FinancialData using a different data source/API from the EntityValue call?

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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