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Undocumented CUDA error message "resource not found". What is it?

Posted 10 years ago

I am getting errors when trying to use CUDAFunctionLoad such as this:

CUDAFunctionLoad::notfnd: CUDALink resource not found. >>

The hyperlink >> links back to the documentation for CUDAFunctionLoad.

Does anyone have ideas or guesses what causes this error? (Besides the obvious "it is not finding the resource").

I can compile cuda code successfully, so it is not my machine or set-up.

Here is the call that is giving the error.

    galaxy = CUDAFunctionLoad[{"path_to_file"}, 
{{"Float[4]"}, {"Float[4]"}, _Integer, _Integer,   _Real, _Integer, _Integer},
 {16, 16},
"ShellOutputFunction" -> Print, 
      "UnmangleCode" -> False]

I will post the cuda source to anyone who is interested, but it is a slight modification of the source found here:

POSTED BY: W. Craig Carter
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