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Searching for all things related to Russia

Posted 10 years ago

"Russia" is an example in this case.

Example expected output: Rubble, vodka, guns, nuclear, far east, Putin, Eurasia, cosmonaut, Kremlin etc...

Do you guys think such search is possible using WolframAlpha? Thanks!

POSTED BY: James Wong

I don't think it's possible to get all this information in just one WolframAlpha query. An expert guy from the Wolfram Research may give us a better answer to this subject. However, one possible alternative, which is a bit far from what you want, is by using the data source CountryData. The code below will generate a grid with all data available for Russia.

vec1 = CountryData["Properties"];
vec2 = CountryData["Russia", #] & /@ vec1;
Grid[Table[{vec1[[i]], vec2[[i]]}, {i, 1, Length[vec1]}], 
 Frame -> All, Alignment -> Left]

Mathematica will not show at first the output due to the large size of the table. Click "Show All" to see the results and enlarge your notebook to a full screen view.

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