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Importing C code into SystemModeler (Modelica)

Posted 10 years ago

I have a program written in Mathematica. I have rewritten / implemented the program in Modelica (OpenModelica), but it does not work entirely. I now want to check if the program works in Wolfram's Modelica solution (System Modeler). I read that Mathematica code can be exported to C code (?). But I can not seem to find a way to import the C code into System Modeler in order to see if the Mathematica program works in Modelica.

Or is there another / better way?

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Francois du Toit

SystemModeler is a Modelica environment, so it cannot import C code directly.

The following are some alternatives to look at, in decreasing order of likelihood to do what you want:

POSTED BY: Malte Lenz
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