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Trouble Exporting Barometric Pressure Forecast

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I'm new to Mathematica so I hope these'll be easy questions to answer. First of all, I was unable to find Wolfram code for weather forecast data, so if anyone knows this please tell.

As a workaround I'm using the code;

WolframAlpha["Barometric Pressure London", {{"PressureChart:WeatherData", 1}, "TimeSeriesData"}]

It gives a list of all the values on the chart, past and forecast. However when I try to export this to an xls file the forecast data is chopped off. I presume it has something to do with the arrangement of curly brackets in the returned data. It doesn't get chopped off if I use "ComputableData" but TimeSeries is more convenient for my purposes.

I'd rather avoid using the WolframAlpha command altogether, but if that's not possible can anyone suggest a fix for the chopped off forecast data?

POSTED BY: Theo Brayord
Posted 10 years ago

I just had a thought and checked for a second sheet in my Excel file... wasn't expecting that -_-

Nevertheless, does anyone know Mathematica code for the forecast data?

POSTED BY: Theo Brayord
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