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monitorlm on ubuntu

Posted 10 years ago

(sorry if this is in the wrong groups)

We recently migrated our mathlm server from an older Ubuntu server (10.04) to a newer one (14.04). The server seems to be operational, seems to check out licenses accordingly. However, the monitorlm application returns nothing (and simply hangs without a timeout). I expect this is because there is a standard library that monitorlm requires that is not installed by default in the newer version Ubuntu. Has anyone had the problem, and can anyone help?

Thank you,


POSTED BY: Robert Bedford

My suggestion is to get a call trace (with strace or similar) of MonitorLM up through when it is clearly hung.

This may be too big to send by email to It can be uploaded via For the "Recipient:" field, put "". In the "Additional notes:", mention this discussion, 426035.

Other ideas:
Try starting monitorlm with the option -format text
Try running under a different window manager, if possible.
If available, the contents of /proc/version .
If the computer has a Sysinfo application or similar for showing the configuration and software versions, please send the output from it.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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