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stereo matching - preprocessing for images (from different cameras)

Posted 10 years ago

Hi, I want to perform stereo processing to estimiate the depth of the scene. I have two different scenarios where I want to apply Sum of Squared Differences / Birchfield Tomasi for disparity computation.

  1. Two RGB images from the same camera with predefined baseline
  2. RGB image combined with gray level image from different camera.

So far, I have applied the following steps for preprocessing: - histogram equalization - bilateral filtering

I'm not sure, since the gain dynamic of the gray image camera is much stronger then the one of the rgb camera. What can I do to adapt bias and gain of the two images for case 2.?

Are there any other filters that I should apply (for 1. and 2.) to improve disparity coputation?

Thanks! Peter

POSTED BY: peter stark
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