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problems finding intersections for 3D graphs

Posted 10 years ago

I'm having trouble find the intersections between three functions. I have been able to graph it but finding the intersections has been a problem because every time I try the program says one of the functions are protected. I don't know what to do this is the graph for the functions.

Manipulate[ SphericalPlot3D[{(1/(8Sqrt[Pi])(1/a0)^(3/2)(r/a0)Exp[-r /(2 a0)] Sin[\[Theta]]Cos[\[Phi]])^2, 
    (1/(Sqrt[81Pi])(1/a0)^(3/2)(6-(r/a0))(r/a0)Exp[-r /(3a0)]Sin[\[Theta]]Cos[\[Phi]])^2, 
    (1/(4Sqrt[2Pi])(1/a0)^(3/2)(r/a0) Exp[-r /(2 a0)]Cos[\[Theta]])^2}, 

to be specific I'm trying to find the triple intersection of the three graphs. I have also attached the file I've been working on

POSTED BY: zachary nichols
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