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Trash Images in .avi Export

Posted 9 years ago

First I define a simple test animation:

p = Manipulate[
  Plot[y, {x, 0, 1}, PlotRange -> {{0, 1}, {0, 1}}], {y, 0, 1}]

Then I export it to an .avi file, which I later convert into an animated .gif with Photoshop:

Export["plot.avi", p, "FrameRate" -> 50]

The problem:

If my Animation Parameter {y,0,1} runs from 0 to 1, the animations contains 16 still frames at start, then 84 frames where y runs from 0 to 1, followed by 84 frames where t runs back from 1 to 0, and 16 still frames again.

Is there a possibility to export only the relevant 84 images from y=0..1 without having the whole thing introduced with still frames and then reversed? Of course I could replace the Manipulate[] or Animate[] with Print[] and Do[] to export some image sequences and combine them later with QuickTime or something else, but is there a way to avoid the trash with Manipulate to Avi Export to save time, cpu and memory?

Also I am looking for a replacement for "FrameRate", since with "FrameRate"->50 I get 84 usable images instead of 50. Is there an option to define the frame number instead of the rate?



POSTED BY: Simon Tyran
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