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Undesired Horizontal Line in Plot

Hello, all ! I ask you please to help me.

Some graphics present an insistent horizontal line that makes me nervous and I cannot eliminate it. It seems to be a bug. Or I am not able in using the command show correctlyÂ… Files are attached.

Would you help me, please ?

Thanks ,


POSTED BY: Sergio Cabral
3 Replies

Dear Scabral,

The line you see is the horizontal axis which is placed automatically. You can solve this or control this by adding the option AxesOrigin -> {x,y}.


Thank you so much, Maarten ! It does work ! Dear JIm, thank you, too! Fortunatley, it is not a bug ! Scabral

POSTED BY: Sergio Cabral
Posted 10 years ago

I wish I could supply a definite answer but I used to get such lines (usually unexpected vertical lines) when using Mathematica version 9 but the same code does not generate those lines in version 10 (running on Windows 7).

POSTED BY: Jim Baldwin
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