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Runge Kutta method to solve the Equation

Posted 10 years ago

Hi dear community,

I want to solve my equation by the Runge kutta 4rth order method. Can somebody guide me to solve my problem please?

POSTED BY: Zainab Junaid
7 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I have the same thread too. Please check the discussions created by me. Thanks

POSTED BY: Thai Kee Gan

I think you are referring to discussion .
Please include the URL and/or discussion title when adding a reference to another thread.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 9 years ago

Thank you, I will keep that in mind. :D

POSTED BY: Thai Kee Gan
Posted 10 years ago
tMax = 10; f = Sin[t];
nds = NDSolve[{x'''''[t] == f, x''''[0] == 0, x'''[0] == 0, 
    x''[0] == 0, x'[0] == 0, x[0] == 0}, x, {t, 0, tMax}, 
   MaxSteps -> Infinity, 
   Method -> {"ImplicitRungeKutta", "DifferenceOrder" -> 20}, 
   InterpolationOrder -> All];
crackle -> Evaluate[x'''''[tMax] /. nds][[1]]
velocity -> Evaluate[x'[tMax] /. nds][[1]]
position -> Evaluate[x[tMax] /. nds][[1]]
POSTED BY: Simon Tyran

I want to solve these equations by the Runge kutta method can you check it out.

POSTED BY: Zainab Junaid

Using NDSolve, specify Method->"ImplicitRungeKutta" or "ExplicitRungeKutta"

POSTED BY: S M Blinder
Posted 10 years ago

how sir. Can u elaborate little bit more..

POSTED BY: Zainab Junaid
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