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How to clear an indexed variable

Posted 9 years ago
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I first assign a symbolic value to an indexed variable Subscript[v, i ]
How can I later clear this assignment ? I tried unsuccessfully with Clear and ClearAll.

In[110]:= Subscript[v, i ]= i ^2
Out[110]= i^2
In[111]:= Subscript[v, i ]
Out[111]= i^2
In[112]:= Clear[Subscript[v, i ]]
In[113]:= Subscript[v, i ]
Out[113]= i^2
In[115]:= Clear["Subscript[v, i]"]
In[116]:= Subscript[v, i ]
Out[116]= i^2
In[117]:= ClearAll[Subscript[v, i ]]
In[118]:= Subscript[v, i ]
Out[118]= i^2
In[119]:= ClearAll["Subscript[v, i]"]
In[120]:= Subscript[v, i ]
Out[120]= i^2
POSTED BY: Charles B
2 Replies


  Subscript[v, i] =.
POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
Posted 9 years ago

Perfect ! That works.

POSTED BY: Charles B
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