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Where is a list of all Mathematica symbols such as @@, /@, & etc.?

This is very much a beginner question but, an infrequent user, I keep forgetting about the @@, /@, # etc. I have searched the Community and the reference materials for: beginner, list of symbols, list of operators - to no avail. I can type the operators, one by one, and get solid answers but I would like to print a list and have it on the desktop.

I apologize for taking up your time with such a simple question but it would be very helpful to obtain the information. Thank you very much in advance

2 Replies

Awesome, thank you very much. Really solved the question! And so quickly! It is already on paper and on Evernote.

It is always important in reference books to insert synonymous words, not only expert phrasing. After all, looking for information like this points to a beginner or infrequent user that needs help. I suppose Wolfram system gets better and better all the time. To you, Nasser, a great Thank you.

All the operators can be found on the OperatorInputForms page with their precedence to each others.

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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