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Simulations with changing initial conditions in a first-difference model

Posted 10 years ago


With help from some of you guys in this forum I have developed the following Code, which works perfectly. My questions are:

1) how to automate the simulations with varying initial conditions. In the following CODE, a given set of initial conditions {1.5, Null, Null, 2, 10, 8, Null} is used to solve the model. This is just one set of initial conditions. I like to iterate the model with alternative sets.

2) how to iterate the model with 2nd order difference system. One can just revise one of the equations in the model to have a 2nd order difference model. Any equation in the model can be written as a 2nd order difference equation for illustrative purposes.

Please see the attached notebook for a full model configuration

Thank you all.


POSTED BY: Tugrul Temel
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