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Using Replace in multiscale analysis

Posted 10 years ago

I get an error that I don't understand when I try to replace expressions into the Complex Ginzburg Landau equation. I got the following error

Coefficient::ivar: 1 is not a valid variable. >>qManipulate`Dump`

I would like to replace the expressions and then to collect terms in scales of $\epsilon$

I attach here the notebook for the equation that I have written, I am new to Mathematica so any hint will be great!

POSTED BY: Omer Tzuk

What error are you seeing? When I download and run your notebook, I don't see any errors.

Try doing the replacements one at a time. Which one fails? What error does it give? Try using this replacement rule on a simpler mathematical expression . Does it work for a simpler equation like you would expect it to?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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