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The quantity is not a quantified system of equations and inequalities

(*Axialsimmetric Problems) I write the physics laws,There is shaft mounted with rim for interference with a flywheel. The three costant C1,C3,C4 I find them by imposing the boundary conditions: I don't know because Mathematica give me this error,that i've published in the picture. I try the solution exact of the three costant C1,C3,C4....... Thank you and good day!!!

POSTED BY: Giovanni Ferdina
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The picture

POSTED BY: Giovanni Ferdina

Thank You. I wanted to ask one more thing, how do I write functions functions as u [r] is a function of sigmatheta and sigma r which are themselves functions of r, but when I assign the value(a or b) of the boundary r, moving u does not process the exact calculation, why?Also now creating new variables to the previous question I send calolo and shows me the braces without any written, why? Is there any command in particular that you have to use?I place the photo .Sorry for my English simple.Thanks.

POSTED BY: Giovanni Ferdina

Consider this example:

 Solve[0.1 (x == 5), x]

This gives the same error message. This is because 0.1 (x == 5) isn't syntatically correct. You can't multiply an equation by a number.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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