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Import Image from Website

Posted 10 years ago

Sorry begginer here. I'm trying to pull in an image from any website you choose. I'm not having the problem grabbing the image off a website using


The problem I'm having is creating an API that will allow you to insert any website you would like. The code I'm trying to make work is as follows

APIFunction[{"Website" ->;<|"URL" ->"String"|>},Import[#Website,"Images"][[2]]]

It is erroring out with

?FormFunction[{Website ?;?URL ?String|>},Import[Website,Images]]" is incomplete; more input is needed

Any help would be much appreciated.

POSTED BY: Danny Pace
7 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Ah ok. I already tried both CloudDeploy[f] and the ?Website= and I could not get it to work. I'm glad that you told me that it was broken. Again, thanks for taking your time to explain it to a newbi like me.

POSTED BY: Danny Pace

Import of website images now works from a cloud deployed APIFunction, FormPage, etc. Last week my reply to Sean Clarke’s post missed this fact, but I’ve updated it to show that his API function is now working.

I don't believe I am hardcording the website into the code. Let me rewrite and explain the code a bit.

This line defines an APIFunction expression called "f". The APIFunction "f" takes an argument called Website which it will interpret as a "SemanticURL". This means it'll convert input like "Facebook" automatically to "". It tries to convert anything reasonable into a website url. The second argument is a function that takes that URL and does something with it. The third argument specified how the function should be returned. In this case, it'll be returned as a "JPEG":

f = APIFunction[{"Website" -> "SemanticURL"}, First@Import[#Website, "Images"] &, "JPEG"]

Here is an example how we would call f in Mathematica (running locally on your computer). In this case we call f with google:

f[<|"Website" -> ""|>]


 f[<|"Website" -> "google"|>]

We can deploy f to the wolfram cloud with CloudDeploy. This will allow us to run the APIFunction in the cloud as an API:

myDeployment = CouldDeploy[f]

This will return a CloudObject with a url. If you go to the URL by clicking it, you'll see some instructions on how to use it. Let's say that the URL was:

We could call the API with this URL. It says to call the function with the value "Website" -> "Google":

The bad news is that the Import function doesn't seem to work right now on the cloud side. So this example won't work until that's fixed - I'm not aware of a workaround. I've forwarded the issue to the relevant people to make sure they're aware of it. I included the code above to hopefully give a better example of how APIFunction works.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

This still seems to be an issue, see Any ideas for a workaround when you want a program to run in the cloud, gather data from a website x that is a parameter to the program?

POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl

Import HTML images

Deploy and test Sean Clarke's API:

With[{cloudobject = FileNameJoin[{$CloudRootDirectory, "ImportHTMLImageAPI"}]},
      APIFunction[{"Website" -> "SemanticURL"}, First@Import[#Website, "Images"] &, "JPEG"],
      cloudobject, Permissions -> "Public"];
   URLExecute[URLBuild[cloudobject, {"Website" -> "google"}]]]

For the above query "google" the API returns:

Google homepage image

Eventually, a better solution might be to import HTML images from a private cloud.

Update 12/18/15

Previous update on 12/14/15 confirmed Sean Clarke's API was working, but the CloudObject had default "Private" permissions, which works fine from a browser signed into the Wolfram Development Platform, but gives an signin error from URLExecute.

Posted 10 years ago

First, thank you for taking the time to reply. Second, You are hardcoding the website in the code. How do you pass any website into the API?

POSTED BY: Danny Pace

The second argument to APIFunction should be a function. The most common way to give the function is as a pure/anonymous function. To make a pure/anonymous function, you are missing the apersand:

f = APIFunction[{"Website" -> <|"URL" -> "String"|>}, Import[#Website, "Images"] &]

f[<|"Website" -> ""|>]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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