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How do I get these widgets to work on my website?

Posted 10 years ago

I am unable to make the widgets work on my website.

There seems to be a problem directly with the code of the plugin which is getting blocked. It is not running correctly. Could someone help me, please?

POSTED BY: Nigel Winder
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Posted 10 years ago

Hi there Sam...

The widget I tried to use was:

I did create one myself as well which is a bit basic but I wanted to try the code to see if THAT worked:

The above code: </script>

does not function i.e the "submit" button does not respond.

I am puzzled. Wolfram doesn't attempt to give me any solution just that "Thank you for your message regarding Wolfram|Alpha. We are continually working to improve Wolfram|Alpha, so all feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you for helping us improve Wolfram|Alpha."

Thank you Sam for your time.

POSTED BY: Nigel Winder
Posted 10 years ago

Hi there Bruce...

I may have left this message in the wrong place. It's just that the Wolfram website places a whole gallery of widgets that non-technical people like myself may place on their websites and the code shown to embed them in HTML just doesn't drive them.

POSTED BY: Nigel Winder

Nigel, Wolfram has a lot of different websites. Which one do you mean - can you just paste a URL link in the post?

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

Is this about CDF Plug-in, Wolfram|Alpha, Cloud-deployed app, or something else?

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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