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Shooting method and matching the two expansions

Posted 9 years ago

Hello, every experts!

I want to know how to programming a mathematica notebook to generate the result in the paper arXiv: 1404.7133, where the authors said that using a numerical shooting method and matching the two expansions (2.17), (2.18) in the paper as two boundary conditions, then we can get the Fig. 1 and the values (2.19) in the paper. I don't have good ideas on realizing their result for sometime. Could you tell me some useful suggestions on this problem? Thank you very much!

The paper can be found on the website

Best regards , Xu

POSTED BY: en xu
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Hello, Every experts

I have wrote a Mathematica Notebook and try to replicate the results in the paper 1404.7133 ?see the above discussion). But the Notebook always have serious shortcomings which prevent the code working rightly. I don't have good ideas on this problem. Can you help me to make it work correctly. I appreciate anyone who can give me useful methods.

Sincerely, Xu

POSTED BY: en xu
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