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How to Import from home directory

Posted 9 years ago

I'm using student version Mathematica 10 on a 64 bit windows 8 Inspiron laptop.

I am having trouble importing data from my home directory into Mathematica. Usually I can get the file imported in a long roundabout process but I know many other people are able to import things easily and efficiently. I don't know whether I have missed certain steps in the process or didn't set it up right.

Can someone help me walk through the import process from a home directory including what kind of files mathematica is compatible with and what is the best way to get them onto the program.


POSTED BY: Stephen Diggs

Here's the basic formula for importing a file:

  • Open a notebook and in the menu at the top of Mathematica, go to "Insert" > "File Path".

  • Use the dialog to choose what file you want. A string with the full file path to the file you selected will appear in the notebook.

  • Wrap the Import function around the file path and evaluate it.

Does this work for you? What kind of file is it? What is the file format?

There's too much information about Import to cover in a single post like this. The documentation covers the many different file formats Mathematica can import and how they work.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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