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How do I utilize the dynamic InputField function in the Manipulate function

Posted 10 years ago

Can I use this functionality to import a .xls from an URL dynamically?

Im trying to get my program to import a .xls for manipulation, I need to import the .xls at an url location dynamically, I did have this at the beginning of my code:

url = ""
t = Import[url];

I got my code working from the same URL location all the time, but now I want to put the dynamic input field in the manipulate function in order to upload any table I wish at any time, I have tried variations of this example below

 If[url =!= "", WolframAlpha[url], "Enter URL"], {{url, ""},   InputField[Dynamic[url], String] &}, t = import[url],

But im having a lot of trouble understanding the documentation and syntax regarding both manipulate and how I can import a table within manipulate.

My overal aim is to have an url input field in my code, the program will then map the table data plot points

POSTED BY: jethro holcroft
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