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(InterActive)TradingChart difference (bug?) between MM 9 and 10

Hi, With MM 9 I use InteractiveTradingChart with Eventlabels with colors to "summarize" several financial indicators. I notice the slow reponse of MM10 versus MM9 for this specfic function. However when I tried to "browse"through one year of data which worked fime with MM9 I found that MM10 went to $Aborted.

A small test code that works for me with MM9 and doesn't with MM10.02

data = FinancialData["AS:INGA", "OHLCV", {{2014, 1, 1}, {2015, 1, 1}}];
labelsdisk2 = (#[[1]] -> 
      Placed[Graphics[{RandomChoice[{Green, Red}], Disk[]}, 
        ImageSize -> 10], Above]) & /@ data;
InteractiveTradingChart[data, EventLabels -> labelsdisk2]

With Mathematica 9 This works with MM 9

With Mathematice 10.02 This is the result with MM10.02

I would love to get this fixed or "workarounded"...

POSTED BY: l van Veen
4 Replies

Hi Lou,

I don't know what are the exactly event labels you are using in your real code. In this example, replacing

Graphics[{RandomChoice[{Green, Red}], Disk[]}, ImageSize -> 10]


Style["\[FilledCircle]", RandomChoice[{Red, Green}]]

will much help the load of renderer. Could you give it a try?

Also, try to set the ChartElementFunction to be "Candlestick":

ChartElementFunction -> "Candlestick"

To see if that helps.

POSTED BY: MinHsuan Peng

Hi MinHsuan, It didn't help alot. It aborted when increasing the windows size with one month :(. It did seem to render faster. I also noted that when I keep the Interactive chart in a separate cell the notebook is much more stable after the abort.


POSTED BY: l van Veen

Hi Dan, Thx for double checking. Much appreciated. I did some more tests but it's a fact that MM9 works and MM10 doesn't for this specific function(s). As a workaround I'm starting to create a kind of similar interactive trading chart based on DateListPlot. It's however alot of extra work but it does have a benefit that I can show more info then just the "indicator" lights. I thought of sending this to Wolfram Support to file it as a bug (MM9 did work :) ) but I can't imagine that this is unknown behaviour. EventLabels are very common (and practical) for the purpose of adding indicators as a visual for you chosen set of indicators. Lou

POSTED BY: l van Veen
Posted 10 years ago

l van Veen,

I just tried your example. I copied and pasted your commands into M v10.0.2 one by one. After the first line:

data = FinancialData["AS:INGA", "OHLCV", {{2014, 1, 1}, {2015, 1, 1}}];

M10 quickly stated: "Initializing FinancialData Indices". I am a new user to Mathematica and have only logged about 10 hours. After the next 2 lines, I did get the chart. Here is a screen shot of the chart. The chart does work correctly.

enter image description here

However, I could not make the data go past 01/01/2015 even if I manually changed the date on the chart to 03/09/2015. When I changed the first command line to {{2014, 1, 1}, {2015, 3, 9}} and re-evaluated all 3 lines, I did receive the same "$Aborted" error message you received. Later, I did not force Mathematica 10 to retrieve more than approximately 11 months of stock data for a single chart, from 2014-05-01 to 2015-03-09. This was successful. Here is my initial modified first line which was successful:

data = FinancialData["NASDAQ:msft", "OHLCV", {{2014, 7, 1}, {2015, 3, 9}}];

Here is a screen shot of the above MSFT chart. Notice the data is only 9 months long. When I tried to use a 2014-01-01 start date, M10 aborted on me.

enter image description here

I don't know where you obtained the 3 lines of code. I don't think I could have created that chart without your example. The Mathematica language is so arcane. For anyone who is interested, the American exchange codes are AMEX,CME,NASDAQ & NYSE.

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