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Posted 9 years ago


Sorry if my question is not very scientific, I spend a moment to find how I can insert Mathematica inputs properly in a post and I still didn't find.

Can anyone tell me how I can do so as to insert Mathematica inputs ?

When I use code sample, the code insert is very long. May be I should copy my Mathematica into a specific format.

Thank your for your help.

6 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

And look at the result in the Preview pane, which is below the one in which you're typing. Tht is what your post will look like when it's on the forum.

POSTED BY: David Keith
Posted 9 years ago

OK. Thank you. But I would like to reproduce exactly the cells (for Mathematica inputs) I have in Mathematica.


Then please follow the manual, take the cell from the notebook, paste it into the post mark it and use the "Code Sample" button:

Clear[normImage, formatImage]
normImage[ext_String, d__ (* path dirs *)] := 
 formatImage[FileNameJoin[{d}], ext] /; StringLength[ext] > 0
formatImage[d_String, ext_String, big_Integer: 1076] := 
 Module[{fN, p, pxy, ims, oo = 0},
   If[! DirectoryQ[d],
    Print[d, " is not a directory here. Bye."];
   Print["Directory set to \"", d, "\""];
   fN = FileNames[StringJoin["*.", ext]];
   If[ Length[fN] < 1,
    Print["No files *.", ext, " found in directory ", d];
   For[o = 1, o <= Length[fN], ++o,
    p = Import[fN[[o]], ext];
     pxy = Import[fN[[o]], "ImageSize"];
     (* die groessere Dimension des Bildes wird auf big gesetzt, 
     die kleinere Dimentsion wird maßstabsgetreu angepaßt. *)
     ims = If[pxy[[1]] > pxy[[2]],
       {big, pxy[[2]] big/pxy[[1]]}, (* else *)
       {pxy[[1]] big/pxy[[2]], big}
     Export[fN[[o]], p, ImageSize -> ims];
     Print["Done: ", fN[[o]]], (* else *)
     Print["File ", fN[[o]], " does not represent a picture."]
   Print[" Done ", oo, " from ", Length[fN], " pictures given."]
   ] /; Positive[big] && StringLength[ext] > 0

Do the same with the theta

In[1]:= \[Theta] + \[Theta]
Out[1]= 2 \[Theta]

this is the official appearance of Theta in Mathematica, nothing wrong with it despite it does not look like a Theta.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
Posted 9 years ago

Thank you. However, when I do the method, the greek variables such as theta are written like this (theta) and not in compact form (the greek letter only). And I have the same the derivate function. May you bring me more informations on these points? I didn't find on the help. Thank you


There is the possibilty to insert LaTeX symbols, a LaTeX phrase starts and ends with a dollar sign and you can anything type LaTeX allows for. For example the name Mathematica in mathit is $\mathit{Mathematica}$ and a continued fraction is $\begin{equation} x = a_0 + \cfrac{1}{a_1 + \cfrac{1}{a_2 + \cfrac{1}{a_3 + \cfrac{1}{a_4} } } } \end{equation}$ and the Maxwell formula for the velocity of light in vacuum is $\begin{equation}c=\frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0\epsilon_0}}\end{equation}$. If you want to see your LaTeX typing in the preview as you type it, start with the beginning and ending dollar sign and type inbetween of the two.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause

When you come to the forum main page have you seen this link at the top: READ FIRST ? Click on that and it will give you full instructions.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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