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Does not stop at breakpoint

Posted 10 years ago


I'm using Mathematica 10 and Workbench 2.0 build 126. I cannot get workbench to stop at at breakpoint. I have done exactly at the video has shown, and get the output below (or no output and does not stop). I have looked for a troubleshooter, without success. Suggestions?

(Debug) In[15]:= fun[10]

(Debug) During evaluation of In[15]:= JLink`Java::excptn: A Java exception occurred: MathLinkException: 7: MathLink machine number overflow.

(Debug) During evaluation of In[15]:= JLink`JavaNew::fail: Error calling constructor for class com.wolfram.eclipse.MEET.debug.MathematicaStackFrame. >>

(Debug) During evaluation of In[15]:= JLink`Java::argx: Method named handleBreakpoint defined in class com.wolfram.eclipse.MEET.debug.MathematicaBreakpointHandler was called with an incorrect number or type of arguments. The arguments, shown here in a list, were {16512846498642862538,{« JavaObject[com.wolfram.eclipse.MEET.debug.MathematicaStackFrame]»,$Failed,« JavaObject[com.wolfram.eclipse.MEET.debug.MathematicaStackFrame]»},False}. >>

(Debug) Out[15]= 20

POSTED BY: Thomas Dobroth
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