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issues in executing a Mathematica v7 notebook in a v10 instance

Posted 10 years ago

Hello everybody, I need to execute a notebook generated by a colleague of mine with Mathematica v7 on my Mac where Mathematica v10 is installed.
Many errors are generated during code execution and I'm not successful in producing the desired output. I'm pretty new to Mathematica, but my expectations were to have full backward compatibility between "close" versions. Could you please suggest a path to progressively isolate errors and make it work? I've been told that probably in the meanwhile the syntax of few commands could be changed: where can I find release notes of the different versions to check it out? Any other suggestion from your side?
I really appreciate your help.
Marta Greselin

POSTED BY: Marta Greselin
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Posted 9 years ago

Indeed I let the export cell evaluation run for 2 hour with no output file created and execution still running. No errors were issued, so I think the export command is somehow in a loop. Marta

POSTED BY: Marta Greselin
Posted 9 years ago

Hello, I did what you suggested and I'm now at this point. In the previous cell of the notebook three animation types are built and this is successfully evaluated (I only get a warning that says: "One of more dynamic objects are taking excessively long to finish evaluating. You may either disable further dynamic evaluations or continue waiting. Dynamic updating can be re-enabled using Dynamic Updating Enabled command in the evaluation menu", but I've just pressed the Continue button). Then I move on and I execute a cell which produces a plot of one animation and again it run successfully and I see the output just below which can be run within Mathematica and again everything is fine until now.
Next is a cell which is supposed to export that animation to a specific path (defined and loaded at the very beginning in the notebook). But the cell evaluation starts and never ends (I mean it takes too long to my mind to be just an export, i.e. more than quarter of an hour). No file is created in the expected path and I normally abort the evaluation. This expected output is a 150MB avi file. I expect it to be created and increase in size during the export. Can you help with that? Thank you. Marta

POSTED BY: Marta Greselin
Posted 10 years ago

Execute the cells one at a time, starting at the top. When you encounter the first error, read the message and work to understand it. It could be that something is missing. For example, if the cell is trying to import something, it may be missing or the directory is wrong. If that's not the case, look up the documentation on the functions being executed. (Put the cursor in one and hit F1.) If the cell is complex, with many functions, break it apart as needed to diagnose the components. It is probable that the many errors all begin with a single cell that produces an unexpected output, which is then used downstream and generates a cascade of errors.

Generally, Mathematica has been good at backward compatibility. The problem is probably simpler than it appears. If the work is not proprietary, and not overly large, you could post the notebook by attachment and let the forum denizens have a look.

Kind regards, David

POSTED BY: David Keith
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