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Solving PDE with an infinite boundary condition

Posted 8 years ago
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Hi every one

I'm trying to solve a 1D PDE with an infinite boundary condition:

sol = DSolve[{d T''[r] + ( d/r) T'[r] == I w*T[r], 
   T[rmin] == 5, T[Infinity] == 0}, T[r], r]

T10[r] /. First[sol10]

DSolve::bvlim: For some branches of the general solution, unable to compute the limit at the given points. Some of the solutions may be lost. >>

Does that mean mathematica won't be able to compute an infinite condition? in this case I guess I just have to create the value rmax, and to make it as big as possible and write the boundary condition T[rmax]=0?

Thanks for your help :)

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