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Recommended platform for .NetLink - best debugging strategy?

Posted 10 years ago

I am beginning a development that will use .NetLink to exchange data and commands between a .Net UI (that make use of DevExpress and FarPoint spreadsheet controls) and an existing data layer that manages the Create-Read-Update and Delete functionality for a database. While Mathematica has the ability to connect with databases, if possible, I would like to use an existing data layer that has already been written, passed testing and has been deployed.

This will be similar to an MVC architecture that supports multiple types of user-interfaces. The first type of UI will be implemented as a set Microsoft WPF forms for Windows, potentially followed by an equivalent user interface implemented a set of (or HTML 5) web pages.

Is there any way to configure an IDE in such a way that I can debug from .net code into Mathematica Code? For example, is there a Visual Studio add-on that allows me to edit and debug Mathematica code from the Visual Studio IDE?

Ideally (and I know there is probably nothing that meets all of these items), I would like to:

  • Debug from .Net into Mathematica and vice-versa.
  • Connect to a corporate source control system (Team Systems) to version control .net and Mathematica code.
POSTED BY: Doug Kimzey
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