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Mathematica 10 "Formating notebook contents" every time a window is opened.

Posted 10 years ago

Every time I open a window, like the documentation, an annoying "Formating notebook contents" dialog appears for about 2 seconds. This didn't happen before, the first thing I did when I made a Windows clean install was install Mathematica 10, and those dialogs only appeared when opening the program for the first time. I tried resolving the issue by myself to no avail. It's really annoying.

The start up is really fast

 {"Initializing kernel connections..." -> 0.031},
 {"Initializing cell styles..." -> 0.109},
 {"Initializing fonts..." -> 0.188},
 {"Initializing menus..." -> 0.203},
 {"Initializing defaults notebook..." -> 0.25},
 {"Initializing defaults clipboards..." -> 0.375},
 {"Initializing internal preferences..." -> 0.406},
 {"Initializing kernels..." -> 0.453},
 {"Opening Welcome Screen..." -> 1.703},
 {"Preloading Favorites..." -> 1.719},
 {"Handling CommandLineOptions..." -> 1.719},
 {"Opening Files..." -> 1.719},
 {"Do Startup Action..." -> 1.719},
 {"Closing Splash Screen..." -> 2.344},
 {"Finished" -> 2.344}

The only problem is the dialog pooping everytime. Any ideas?

POSTED BY: Lombardo Paredes
Posted 10 years ago

I received the same "Formating notebook contents" message when I had an interactive stock chart open and Preferences open simultaneously. The "Formating notebook contents" message would pop up every few seconds and M10 would become unresponsive.

However, when I completely exited M10, restarted M10, opened a blank notebook, then opened the chart notebook on another monitor and opened Preferences, the "Formating notebook contents" message did not appear. I then closed Preferences, opened Preferences from the chart notebook and the messages stated again.

This is (yet) another bug in Mathematica 10. Here is a documented bug in M10 regarding matrices.

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